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April 1th-2th 2017 - Inter Expo Center - Sofia

For Participants in the Volkswagen Club Fest 2017

If you would like to participate with your vehicle, please read the information below.

The big prize for one of the participants in this event will be a visit to the biggest VAG fans meeting at the Worthersee lake in Austria, sponsored by The Club of Volkswagen Supporters in Bulgaria (


Where does the Fest take place?

Traditionally, the host is Inter Expo Center Sofia in Halls 5 and 6.

When does the Fest take place and when do the vehicles need to be ready?

The exhibit days of the fest are March 1th - 2th 2017. The selected participants should present their vehicles for exhibition on Friday (March 31th). The vehicles will stay in the halls until the Sunday evening (April 2th). The exact schedule for each vehicle will be presented on a later stage, as soon as the hall arrangement scheme is ready.

Is there a Participant's fee?

Participation at the Fest is completely free of charge. Accommodation is provided for participants coming from outside Sofia. Financial support for foreign participants will be provided in order to cover part of the fuel expenses.

Will my car be protected during the Fest?

During the Fest the vehicles are guarded by the organizers of the event, as well as by paid security guards. The presence of each vehicle owner is strongly recommended during the Fest days (Saturday and Sunday), so that he could meet the fans and provide more information about his car. Outside working hours of the event (in the evening and at night) the halls will be locked and under surveillance.

How do I apply if I want to participate?

To access The Participation Form, click here. Selection will be made by a special committee, based on the received applications. The applications should be sent to Please make sure you keep the structure of the questions and answers from the link above.

What is the application deadline?

The deadline is March 4th, but it is highly recommended to apply earlier.

How do I know if my vehicle is selected?

All owners of selected vehicles will be informed by March 10th.

How do I prepare my vehicle for the Fest?

Every owner should make sure their car interior and exterior has been cleaned properly. We will provide a car wash at the hall entrance for external cleaning only.

How do I prepare a presentation for my vehicle?

Think of something original and creative for the presentation of your vehicle. These are some examples of such presentations Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4. Use your imagination! If you need support, contact us.

How is the winner in the contest selected?

Every visitor to the Fest, holding a valid ticket receives a questionnaire, in which they can mark the number of the vehicle that they liked the most. The vehicle with the most votes gets the prize.

What does the Grand Prize include?

The big prize for one of the VW Club Fest 2017 ...

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us

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